The Dilemma


by Billy Adams

Scott was frozen in fear. How could he solve this dilemma that so affected his life and well being. Should he try to run for it or comply with the stated demands of a person many referred to as “The Puppet Master”?

Moving to his position, Scott gently sat down in a nearby chair, waiting for his next set of instructions. His every move was being watched and only he knew of the unwelcome consequences this hostage situation would bring. He wasn’t sure what the future held, and not being able to control his own movements caused him a great deal of stress and anxiety. Only hours before, Scott had been working at his law firm of Hawthorne, Gilbert and Scott. Little did Scott know that in a few short hours, his life would be changed in ways he had never thought possible. It was with great precision that the person pulling the strings was able to secure his attention. He knew that his very life was in jeopardy if he didn’t comply with every rule set out and every demand made.

It was a Thursday and as he sat waiting for the next meeting, he put together several scenarios of possible escape. None of those options seemed to completely guarantee him the freedom he so longed for. He didn’t realize how desperate he had become without the basic freedoms that life afforded him. Scott knew that his every movement was being watched and if he was out of position even for a second, the game was over. His life was finished as he knew it. He wished he had spent more time with his kids earlier in the day, but those were actions of a man not in danger. He recalled something ominous that had happened earlier that morning when his secretary mentioned to him that his bank account had been hacked into. Several hundred dollars was missing and he wasn’t sure why he was the target of this criminal act. He would deal with it later he thought, but as he sat pondering his fate, he remembered a comment one of his law partners had made that morning. His partner was working on a new case concerning a criminal that had taken an older man hostage in his apartment. The older man was rescued, but only after he had acquired assistance from a stranger. The elderly man scribbled out a note, crumpled up the paper and dropped the note out his window which was three stories up. A passerby found the note and notified the police. Maybe this type of rescue was in the cards for Scott.

Scott knew that if he pulled out his cell phone, his watcher would know what he was up to and then life for him would become increasingly uncertain. He slowly pulled a piece of paper from his coat pocket and indiscreetly wrote a message that read, “Help! I have been taken hostage. Call the police”. He then crumpled up the piece of paper and casually tossed it in the middle of the area. He saw person after person pass by without noticing the paper on the ground. “How could they walk over my only chance of survival” wondered Scott. Finally, after about 45 minutes, a younger lady noticed the paper on the ground, picked it up and started reading it. She looked around and saw Scott. She looked at him strangely and then kept going. Scott’s hopes deflated as the lady tossed his note into the trash. That note seemed to be the only way he could every leave the torment he was in.

After another half hour had passed, the watcher stepped closer to him. He hoped that what he had attempted earlier was not noticeable on his face. He was exhausted from the situation he was forced into and had reached the end of his rope. As the tormentor came closer to his chair, he looked up and noticed that his wife had on blue shoes this time. She asked him how they looked and if he was ready to move to the next department store.

Scott was frozen in fear. How could he solve this dilemma that so affected his life and well being. Should he try to run for it or comply with the stated demands of a person many referred to as “The Puppet Master”? O how he hated waiting for his wife at the mall.

Billy Adams is a creative director for a small software development company located in Texas. His passion is writing short stories as well as commentaries on Christian topics and politics. You can view all of Billy's creative writing postings at

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